Bored & Dangerous Burn Window: Everything You Need to Know

8 min readJun 13, 2023

Gm and !bala future Azurians,

The Burn is near.

We’re excited to open the Burn period for Azur Roots on June 15. This revamp has been AAF, and we’re pumped to keep this rolling with you all.

There have been some really fun moments with the community over the past weeks, from the trailer video drop, to “fuck the 0.08”, to revealing the 8 types of Azurians and art, to seeing this AAF community come together and embrace the spirit of what it means to be jungle punk, to everything in between. And what’s best… we’re only getting started.

Here’s to the scars and the hard times we’ve had. To those who have stuck with us. To those new to Azurbala. One thing is certain as an Azurian community — we’re not going anywhere. We stay resilient. We stay hungry. And when we eat — we eat as a family… together. Here’s to sparking a comeback.

This said, respectfully, we know you mfers don’t read… It’s cool, we get it. We’ll keep this article short and to the point. Wouldn’t be very jungle punk of us to drop a 20 page Burn Window article anyways…

But before diving in — there are a few things specifically we want to draw attention to for the Burn that are new — and we think will be a lot of fun.

It of course all starts with burning a Bored & Dangerous Book NFT (no additional charge, other than gas fee). All of this is detailed further below, but:

  1. There will be three tiers of Azur Roots — “1/1”, “Apex”, and “Origin”… these will have an impact on the eventual rarity of your Azurian down the line… (NOTE: the “kind” of book you burn does not matter in what tier Azur Root you will reveal)
  2. You’ll want to burn early — within the first week of the Burn Window to be specific. Detailed further below, we will be randomly giving away a 1/1 Azur Root via airdrop on June 22 and June 29 (two 1/1 Azur Roots given away in total, one on each date respectively). To be eligible for the drop, you must be holding an Azur Root NFT (all will be done via Chainlink VRF and verifiably random). 1 Azur Root = 1 entry. The more Azur Roots you’re holding, the greater your chances are of winning.
  3. The beginnings of Azurbala on Avenue — after burning your Book NFT (which will be done on Avenue), you will be prompted to create an account on Avenue (, if you haven’t already. Avenue will be used as a community hub for Azurbala, home to exclusive content, giveaways, activities, and other. Avenue is still in its beta phase, but we look forward to blossoming this Azurbala community on Avenue during the burn window.

After that intro — please see below everything you need to know for the Burn. We will also be hosting a Twitter Spaces on Wednesday, June 14 at 4 pm ET to talk about the Burn and answer any questions.

LFB, forever.


When is The Burn Window?

The Burn will open on June 15 at 1 pm ET, and close on July 26 at 11:59 pm ET.

What am I burning? What am I receiving?

During this period, you will burn a Bored & Dangerous Book NFT, and receive an Azur Root NFT (which will serve as a mintpass for an Azurian NFT).

What is the mint flow? What can I expect?

The burn will be conducted through Avenue. The below summarizes the user flow to burn your books:

  1. You will go to, and click on “Burn your Bored & Dangerous”
  2. Clicking on this will take you to the mint page on Avenue
  3. From here — you will connect your wallet holding your B&D NFTs, and go through the burn flow
  4. After transaction is complete, you will receive your Azur Root(s) in your wallet
  5. After you burn, you will be invited to join the Azurbala community on Avenue (which is token gated by the Azur Root(s) you just burned for)

You will be able to return to the mint flow through Avenue or the site if you wish to burn more books in a separate transaction. Also note — the Azurbala space on Avenue is token-gated by Azur Root NFTs, so when creating your account, please connect with a wallet holding these tokens (more on this further below in the article).

Will I be able to burn my book after The Burn Window ends?

No. You will not be able to burn your Bored & Dangerous book NFTs for Azur Roots after the period closes on July 26.

What is the collection supply for Azur Roots?

This is fully dependent on how many books are burned. The maximum possible amount of Azur Roots (assuming every book NFT is burned), is 14,890.

While we are not expecting 100% of books to be burned, the total supply would not be more than this. Ultimately, supply will be determined by the community/those burning book NFTs.


What is an Azur Root?

Azur Roots are sacred items in Azurbala that will serve as mintpasses to Azurian avatars.

According to Azurian tradition, one offers an Azur Root to the gods to be blessed with an Azurian.

What are the Azur Root tiers, and what do they mean?

Upon burning a Bored & Dangerous book NFT, you will reveal one of three possible tiers of Azur Root. These Azur Root tiers will have a differing impact on the rarity of the Azurian you ultimately reveal.

These tiers are (from most to least rare):

  • 1/1
  • Apex
  • Origin

NOTE: Again, the “Kind” of your Bored & Dangerous book will not have any impact on the tier Azur Root you reveal.

When will Azurians reveal?

Soon after the burn period ends, you will be able to redeem your Azur Root for an Azurian avatar.

If you redeem a 1/1 Azur Root — you will be able to reveal one of the eight 1/1 Azurian NFTs. Spoiler — there may just be some community favorites in the 1/1s…

If you redeem an Apex Azur Root — you are guaranteed to reveal a top 8% rarity Azurian.

If you redeem an Origin Azur Root — you’ll reveal an Azurian below top 8% rarity. Of note, you still have a shot at rolling a top 10% rarity Azurian with an Origin Azur Root.

No matter which tier you redeem, all Azurians will be AAF, and we are excited for everyone to find their forever Azurians.

What are the rarities of Azurians?

The two rarest types of Azurians (outside of the 8 1/1s) are Shadewalkers and Insomniacs. So you can imagine Apex Azur Roots give you a better shot at these types of Azurians.

But of course, “types” are not everything. We will be adhering to the open-sourced OpenRarity standard (used by OpenSea) in defining rarities of Azurian tokens.

Is “aging” my Azur Root still a thing?

It is not. You can read more about the rationale why in the “The Vision for a Jungle Punk IP Franchise”.


Why should I burn early?

Eligibility for two random drops of 1/1 Azur Roots on June 22 and June 29. To maximize your chances, you’ll want to burn before June 22 (so you’re eligible for both drops).

What do I need to be eligible?

Holding an Azur Root (any tier) in your wallet on June 22 and/or June 29 will make you eligible for the 1/1 Azur Root drops. You can acquire an Azur Root from burning a book or buying on a secondary marketplace (i.e. OpenSea or Blur).

Is this specific to Azur Root tier?

No, any tier of Azur Root is eligible for this drop.

How will this work exactly?

  • You hold Azur Root NFT(s) in your wallet on June 22
  • We will take a snapshot of wallets with Azur Root NFT(s) in their wallet on June 22
  • We will run a Chainlink VRF drop
  • We will airdrop the 1/1 Azur Root to the winner

We will repeat this process again on June 29.

Does having more Azur Root NFTs increase my chances?

Yes — the more Azur Roots you are holding, technically the greater your “chances” of winning the drop. This is all of course randomized via Chainlink, though, so nothing is a guarantee.

Will this be random?

Yes — this will be verifiably random via Chainlink as consistent with industry practice.

You are airdropping two 1/1 Azur Roots, how do we get the remaining 6 of them?

The remaining 6 will be minted randomly during the book burn. When you burn a book — you have a shot at revealing a 1/1 Azur Root.

Of course, given this and not a fixed supply with the burn (i.e. there’s a possibility that not all of the remaining 6 1/1s get minted…) — we will mint any of the 1/1 Azur Roots that went unminted, and conduct further randomized giveaways to the community with them.

What are the 1/1 Azurians?

Listen, we hate using “trust me” more than most people. But here’s one time where we will just say… trust us… we think they are pretty sick. And feature some notable community favorites…


What is Avenue?

Simply put — Avenue is a community platform. It is designed for creators to connect with their loyal community members in a dedicated, token-gated space.

Here, future Azurians can come together and engage in discussions, prompts, polls, contests, access exclusive content, and more.

What will take place on Avenue?

Avenue will be used as the “home base” for the Azurian community.

We envision community creations, exclusive content, rewards, and more to occur here, so make sure you create an account and join!

Note: Avenue is still in beta — there will be many more features and functionalities added over time, in many cases inspired by our vision for Azurbala and by your feedback as Azurians.

What will I need to access the Azurbala community on Avenue?

You will need to connect a wallet that holds an Azur Root NFT.

You can connect a wallet with TokenProof or direct WalletConnect when you create your account on Avenue (just make sure to connect a wallet holding Azur Root NFT(s)).


This is only the beginning, future Azurians.

To recap:

  • Burn window opens Thursday, June 15 at 1 pm ET, and closes on July 26 at 11:59 PM ET
  • Burn a Bored & Dangerous Book → receive 1 of 3 tiers of Azur Root. This Azur Root tier will have impact on the rarity of the Azurian you eventually reveal. Note: the kind of Bored & Dangerous Book NFT that you burn has NO IMPACT on the tier Azur Root you reveal
  • Burn early (or buy an Azur Root on secondary) to be eligible for two 1/1 giveaway raffle airdrops on June 22 and June 29
  • Create an Avenue account and join the Azurbala space on Avenue to continue to push the Azurian community forward

We look forward to keeping the ball rolling, and see you all on spaces at 4 pm ET tomorrow, June 14.


The Tally Labs Team